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At Wise & Hammer we create exceptional experiences.

We are a boutique firm providing high-quality custom design and interactive solutions for a growing list of client/partners

Wise & Hammer is on the lookout for a truly excellent web developer to join our close-knit team. At Wise & Hammer you will be crafting exceptional experiences for a variety of outstanding clients. If you wield semantic HTML and efficient CSS like a boss, or get almost embarrassingly excited about the discovery of a new development framework. You should think about joining us!

Your main responsibilities:

You’ll be working with our Senior Developer and design team to build new standards-compliant websites and web based applications. Detail is our middle name, so you’ll need to stay sharp! You will also need to be ready for a challenge. One day you may be developing custom Drupal modules and WordPress configurations the next you could be working with DotNetNuke, DotCMS or even developing a custom solution in your favourite PHP framework. At Wise & Hammer you wont be treated like some faceless code jockey. Here you will be fully engaged in our project process, acting as an advocate for technical excellence.


  • 3+ years professional experience in web development.
  • Strong HTML and CSS skills (HTML5 / CSS3 a plus)
  • Strong object-oriented development skills (PHP5 OOP, Javascript, MySQL)
  • Expertise with PHP frameworks
  • Strong experience with JavaScript libraries (jQuery, etc) and JSON
  • Experience with the integration and implementation of 3rd party APIs and applications.
  • Experience with CMS and CRM platforms
  • Experience with cross-browser and mobile optimizations
  • Strong technical aptitude
  • Strong emphasis on pixel-perfect, standards-compliant code
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven team environment on multiple projects
  • Capacity to learn new technologies / programming languages quickly
  • Understanding of basic graphic design principles and interaction design
  • Comfortable in a Mac environment

Also nice

  • Advanced knowledge of hosting environments (set-up, optimize)
  • Custom CMS development experience
  • Knowledge of Drupal and WP custom theme development
  • Experience with CRM systems such as Sugar, Pivotal or Salesforce
  • Experience working on projects with source control management (Git, Subversion)
  • Working knowledge of Information Architecture concepts
  • Experience in functional and QA testing concepts
  • Familiarity with Accessibility / AODA Compliance

What you’ll need to stand out at Wise & Hammer

  • Love for client services
  • Passion for clean, elegant code and a hunger to keep making it better
  • Thirst for knowledge and desire to keep expanding your skills
  • Strong drive to achieve goals and the self-motivation to get there
  • Excellent ability to stay on top of a variety of competing tasks and priorities
  • Respect for the user experience
  • sense of humour

Some of the perks

  • Flexible Hours & Unlimited Vacation
  • Casual, Fun, Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Free Coffee, Pop, Juice and Snacks
  • Opportunities to Learn, Attend Workshops and Conferences
  • Challenging Projects, Diverse Client Base
  • MacBook Pro and a nice big monitor (!!!)

This is a full time (Contract to hire) on-site position.

To apply, please e-mail your resume and samples of your code to jobs@wiseandhammer.com with the title “I am your Web Developer” Please, also indicate your availability and salary expectations.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note: Only those selected for interview will be contacted.

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Accessibility Evangelists.

If you ask any web designer or code slinger what semantic design is, they’ll likely fire back a completely correct and concise answer.

Then ask them what web accessibility is. You’ll probably end up getting an almost identical answer.

Confident Developer

Many people think that with the development of a clean and semantically coded website they’ve created a fully functioning, accessible website, but this isn’t necessarily true.

Although semantic web design is an important aspect of accessibility, it doesn’t end there. Designing a website accessibly is making sure that people can actually use your site, specifically people with disabilities. It allows them to read, navigate and scan your content, enabling them to become an active, participatory part of your community. Creating a pathway for voices that might not have been heard before to fully express themselves. This is a huge benefit to everybody and is of obvious significance.

You see, Wise & Hammer thinks the web is a right.

We love the web. We’re on it for a good chunk of our day. Whether we’re designing or developing, paying our bills or just goofing around it is in many ways the place where we live. We think everybody should have an opportunity to live in this neighbourhood.

Five years ago, Wise & Hammer decided to take the steps to build accessibly into each of our design projects. It’s our hope that this will help open a door for a new tier of users, allowing and encouraging them to share their ideas, talents and concerns.

However, navigating the Internet is still a pretty inhospitable place for someone with a disability. We’ve moved through the early years of flash and table based designs, but even as far as we’ve come, accessibility still isn’t the standard for most web development projects.

Now it’s the law.

Well… not quite yet.

In 2005 the Ontario government passed the AODA act. Now if you’re like us, you probably aren’t up for slogging through a bunch of government legalese, so the gist in it’s most basic form is this:

By January 1, 2014 public sector organizations and large organizations shall make their Internet websites and web content conform with the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

This is big news. It means that if you’re website doesn’t meet these standards by next year on January 1, you will be in violation of Ontario law and the government can actually mandate these changes upon you after the fact.

Even bigger news is that this isn’t just for Municipalities, Schools, Universities and Not for Profits. Coming on January 1, 2015 AODA rules will also apply to the Private sector.

The online world is changing and we think it’s time everyone gets on board.

You can find out how you’re effected by using the Ontario AODA Compliance Wizard

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Wise & Hammer loves DrupalCamp Toronto

Peapod Eats Toronto.

DrupalCamp Toronto 2012 is happening this November on the 16th through the 18th.

Over the last five years at Peapod we’ve seen a large swath of our clients looking to develop their websites in Drupal, and for good reason. Over the last few years Drupal has become one of the most popular content management systems.

Companies, NGO’s & Hundreds of Publications such as Popular Science, Fast Company, Foreign Affairs, NATO, United Nations and Ubuntu have looked to Drupal to replace their older and expensive closed systems they were using in the better part of the last decade.

Even the Whitehouse chose to use Drupal as it’s content management system when they were revamping the government site in 2009. They’ve been active in the community and posting many of their own custom modules for developers to use and play with.

So we at Wise & Hammer are proudly sponsoring the event, and even sending our development team to say hello.

If you know any other sites using Drupal or are using it yourself, please add it to the comments below.

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The Pod is Moving!!

Yes, you heard that right, we’re picking up shop and relocating. For the past few years, our office on James South in Hamilton has served us well. It has a great layout, amazing architectural features, and a kick ass patio. However, we’ve always had a special place in our heart for big industrial loft spaces. So when we saw one in a perfect location that meets all of our needs to a “T”, we couldn’t let it pass by.

Although we haven’t moved in quite yet, the ink on the contract is dry and we can’t wait to settle down and make the space our own. Starting October 1st, we will be busily moving around electrics, tearing down and building walls, opening up old windows, painting and decorating what we hope will be our forever home.

Where are we headed? The Pod is moving just a little to the north, deeper into the historic centre of Beautiful Hamilton, to an amazing 6000 sq foot warehouse that was once the home of Hamilton Dairy & Creamery Company. A couple blocks from James St. N. Being closer to creative and cultural heart of Hamilton, will be just the right environment for our ever-evolving studio.

We’ll be documenting the reno and our impending move, so keep an eye on our blog and our twitter account, we’ll get pictures and video up as soon as we can.

We’re really excited about the new office and can’t wait to see what the next few years bring in our new home!

**Update – 02/20/13**

We are in! Phase 1 is now complete. The second floor workspace is ready for action and we are beginning on the main floor overhaul. You can check out photos on our Flickr set

Special thanks to Paul Wilson at CBC Hamilton who just released this great article about our Founders

**Update – 03/09/13**

Thanks to Meredith MacLeod at the Spec for this great article.

**Update – 03/11/13**

Thanks to Hamilton Economic Development and BizClip for this wonderful video spot!.


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Love, Hope and Optimism.

In July 2012, The Broadbent Institute came to Peapod Studios and asked us to help create a website and brand that would allow people to continue sharing their messages of love, hope and optimism for Jack Layton.

Jack Layton in Toronto

Born from a concept originally conceived by Olivia Chow for a Facebook page to share their Love, Optimism and Hope a year after his passing, we quickly realized that the creation of DearJack would be more than just a simple social page, and we’d need to create a true living memorial wall.

The wall would allow people to pay tribute to a man that loved Canada, and was in turn loved by Canadians. Designing the website was an interesting challenge. We wanted each message to have it’s own personal space while at the same time combining all of the submissions into a whole unified message. When we looked through countless photographs from the original chalk messages spread across Nathan Phillips square in Toronto, it seemed obvious to us that each message was crafted with love and was able to stand on it’s own even in a sea of other messages. It was also very important to create a site that could be utilized across the many devices that Canadians use to browse the internet. With a responsive layout we were able to provide users with all of the same features and impact that could be found when viewing the website on a full screen.

With the website successfully running and receiving an enormous amount of support, the next step in sharing the message of love, hope and optimism was to through a large rally honouring Jack Layton on the one year anniversary of his passing. The rally happened on August 22, 2012 at Nathan Phillips Square. Olivia Chow along with Jack’s Son and Daughter addressed the crowd with a heartfelt “Jack would have loved this!”. The event was bigger and brighter than anyone could have hoped in the beginning planning days. Musical guests such as Ron Sexsmith, Dallas Green and Raffi all took part in celebrating Jack’s life, man who devoted himself to social justice, fairness and equality.

Nathan Phillips Poster

The event didn’t just happen in Toronto. It was live streamed online, covered by news organizations across the country and other Dear Jack events took place in St John’s, Quebec City, Sudbury, Winnipeg, Regina and Vancouver just to name a few.

We at Peapod Studios were so humbled to have been apart of this project. Jack Layton was a man that left a tough legacy to live up too and yet looking back on the year after his death it is obvious that we as Canadians have stepped up and continued to live in Jack’s light of love, hope, and optimism.

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